Friday, August 28, 2015

Apt 23A

Her day started with the beeping. The agonizing, never ending beeping of an iPhone's alarm
clock, telling her it's time to get up and get ready for work. She covered the brunch shift at the diner
down the street, serving coffee and eggs to those desperate enough to eat there. As she threw her legs
over the edge of her bed, she checked the time. 7:00. she pulled her greasy, unkept hair into a bun on
top of her head and her face looking like she hadn't slept in the past 4 days. Julia hadn't been there
long, after finally moving out 4 months ago and finding the cheapest place she could. Being 21 years
glamorous, to be specific. For the next 8 months she was contracted to this dingy 2-bedroom
apartment. It wasn't much, but it worked. How anyone else chose to live here made no sense. Hell,
the first thing you see when you come upon this"beautiful neighborhood"  is a cheap bra hung on the
statue of Collingwood.  And who puts a lesbar next to a shitty apartment building, are they trying to
go bankrupt?
        7:15. 15 minutes until she'd be considered late. Julia slipped into her jeans and sneakers, and
grabbed her bag while running out the door. She started the 2 block journey, becoming familiar with
faces she'd never seen before. The spectrum of people living in her building fascinated Julia. How i
only 13 floors, it ranged from children to older adults, business men to bartenders. Occasionally the
weirdos that wore the same black shirts everyday and never looked up at anything.
        7:24. Almost 5 minutes until she had to be there. Julia speed-walked to the glass doors and let
herself in. The bells chimed, letting those inside know she arrived. The smell of overcooked breakfast
and cheap coffee filled the diner.  "Good morning darlin'" the man at the table said. She sighed and
tied her apron, "Thanks, I'm gonna need it."